The Mosaic in the House of Peristeria

December, 13 2010 | Ioannes Stobaeus


The conservation of the wonderful mosaic from the House of Peristeria reached the end of the first phase. The mosaic was removed from the building, cleaned and the hydrostatic mortar was changed. The mosiac was covered for over 30 years and it was in a desperate condition. Next year, in spring, it will be returned at the original place and accesible for all the visitors of Stobi. Judging by the polychromy and the various motifs, the mosaic is considered as one of the finest floor decorations at the site. Especially amusing are the fields with water animals. Some of the creatures belong to the fantasy of the author.


The project was initiated by NI Stobi and the conservation is being done by the team of Dragan Vergovski Alpi and Momchilo Trajkovski from the National Conservation Centre.

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