The Small Bath was built close to the apse of the Synagogue Basilica. The eastern part of the Bath is on a lower level than the western as a result of the disturbed soil. The disturbance was probably caused by an earthquake. The excavations were undertaken in 1931 and 1963, leaving poor documentation.  


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In the north half of the building there is a large room with floor made of sandstone slabs. The room is determined as apoditerium or dressing room. At the west side of the apoditerium there is an entrance to an apsidal room which is probably the frigidarium. To the south there are three other apsidal rooms. The first room is a tepidarium and it has a small pool. From this room one can enter the other two which are heated by the hypocaust system. The fireplace is located below the third apsidal room and it can be reached from the apoditerium. To the east of the dressing room there are two other rooms. The one with the draining channel is thought to be the latrine (toilet).


The lack of archaeological data puts the Small Bath in the broad chronological frames between the 4th and the 6th century AD.

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