International Conservation Workshops at Stobi

June, 04 2014 | Ioannes Stobaeus


The beginning of the international workshops for conservation and documentation of Roman Pottery and Roman Mosaics is scheduled for Saturday, the 7th of June. The two workshops will finish on the 21st of June when two additional workshops for conservation and documentation of Early Christian frescoes and Roman glass will be started. The whole project ends at the 27th of June. During the mosaic conservation workshop, the participants will be included in preservation treatment of the mosaic from the narthex of the Episcopal Basilica. The conservation of the frescoes involves cleaning and consolidating of smaller pieces from the wall decoration of the Episcopal Basilica. The participants in the pottery conservation workshop will be introduced to the process by practical work on modern vessels and authentic Roman vessels. Besides the conservation at the site, the program includes lectures and excursions to the ancient towns of Heraclea Lyncestis (modern Bitola) and Lychnidos (modern Ohrid).


The projects are being held fifth year in a row as result of the collaboration between NI Stobi from the Republic of Macedonia and Balkan Heritage Foundation from the Republic of Bulgaria. The 10 participants in the 2014 conservation workshops come from Australia, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Sweden, Italy, Canada and USA. 


Click for the gallery from the workshops in 2013. 

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