World Monuments Day 2012 at Stobi

October, 16 2012 | Ioannes Stobaeus


Regarding the World Monuments Watch Day 2012, on the 22nd of September, NI Stobi organized the event “Visit Stobi – Be inspired”. The main activities included workshops for aquarelle painting and mosaics with motives from the archaeological site. The paintings and the small mosaics were created by the students from the local elementary schools “Dame Gruev” from Gradsko and “Pere Toshev” from Rosoman as well the students from the international elementary school “Nova” from Skopje. Event photos are available in our gallery.


Similar activities were organized at the other sites all over the globe which are part of the World Monuments Watch List for 2012. The goal of the event is to attract the global attention to the cultural heritage and its significance for the humanity.


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