Stobi Winery Donation

March, 05 2012 | Ioannes Stobaeus


In 2010, NI Stobi and the Stobi Winery signed a four year sponsorship agreement. The annual funds for 2010 were spent in December 2011 and January 2012. Part of the budget supported the renovation of the storage facility for the 20 000 artifacts excavated at Stobi in the past 50 years. By isolating the foundations, plastering the walls and paving the floor, the problem with humidity was solved, thus finally creating decent conditions for storage of the finds after many years. The second part of the donation was used for arrangement of the working space of NI Stobi. The procurement of library shelves, office desks and computers was necessary for effective functioning of NI Stobi. A server and a network were also established being essential for the electronic database of the site.


Hereby, we express our vast gratitude to the Stobi Winery for the strong support in the efforts for preserving and maintaining one of the most significant archaeological sites in Macedonia.




Sponsorship Agreement (24.11.2010)

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