Activities in Stobi in October and November

November, 11 2011 | Ioannes Stobaeus


     October was marked by the final phases of the projects for conservation of the wall paintings from the Episcopal Basilica and the mosaic from the House of Peristeria. The oldest Christian frescoes in Republic of Macedonia were cleaned from calcification and affixed to aluminum honeycomb panels. The concept for an exhibition of the frescoes in 2012, as a finale of the project financed by the US Ambassador’s fund for Cultural Preservation, is being prepared.

     The mosaic from the triclinium of the House of Peristeria was completely cleaned and retouched during October. After the archeological excavations were finished, the excavated soil was put back in the triclinium and the fountain in the middle was reconstructed. During the first week of November, concrete bedding was made as a foundation for the mosaic which will be placed back in its original position at the end of March 2012.    

    These two projects were coordinated by Silvana Blazevska from NI Stobi and realized by the team of Dragan Vergovski Alpi from the National Conservation Centre.

    The project for conservation of the walls of the House with Triclinium, discovered during the excavations in 2009 and 2010, begun at the end of October. Coordinators of this NI Stobi project are Nikola Shentevski (architect) and Trajche Nacev (archaeologist), who also did the reconstruction of the fountain in the House of Peristeria. The floors of this 6th century building will be conserved in 2012, so the visitors of Stobi in 2013 will be able to see this unknown house for the first time.

    Besides the conservation, Fanica Veljanovska from the Museum of Macedonia finished the anthropological analysis of the human remains from the cemeteries of Stobi excavated in the period between 2009 and 2011. Regarding the excavation of the site, all the fieldwork is finished and during the following months the team of NI Stobi will be working on the documentation and the inventory of discovered objects. The final report will be published on our website at the end of November.




Final phase of the project for conservation and restoration of the wall paintings from the Episcopal basilica (03.08.2011)


Beginning of the new excavation campaign at Stobi (14.04.2011)


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